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  • Which payment methods are available?

    We accept EFT, all debit and credit cards ass well as cash.

  • I have questions?

    Please contact with us to discuss your specific circumstances. It is important that both parties have a clear understanding of their marital regime choices before proceeding.

  • How long does it take?

    Depending on the co-operation of both parties the process takes from one to 5 working days to complete. Registration of the antenuptial contract in the office of Registrar of Deeds takes about 8 working days and delivery of the registered antenuptial contract takes between 1 - 3 months.

  • Do we have to wait for registration of the antenuptial contract before we get married?

    No. On receipt of the signed antenuptial contract or power of attorney our notary public will issue a certificate to hand to the arriage officer.

  • What is your cost to register an antenuptial contract?

    Our all inclusive fee for the registration of the antenuptial contract is R1250.00. There are no hidden costs.

  • What is the accrual system?

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  • What is nett commencement value?

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  • What is the power of attorney. Is it legal?

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  • What about my pension?


  • I am about to inherit. What about inheritances?


  • Why cant I just get married in community of property?


  • Whatother legal matters should I we consider before getting married?

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  • Are Antenuptial contracts are unfair, unromantic or just an exit strategy.

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  • Why should we consider an antenuptial contract?


  • Which option is best?

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  • When should we enter into an antenuptial contract?

    Before entering into nuptials.

  • We are marrying in terms of customery law (Lobola). Can we enter into an antenuptial contract?

  • Does an cohabitation agreeent count as a marriage?


  • Can we amend or change our antenuptial contract?

    Yes the contract can be changed before getting married? Contact our Notary Public for further information.

Delivery of my original contract. Sending options.

  • How do we get our contract after registration?


  • Can I track my document?


Our Services.

  • What other services can you assist us with?

    We can assist with any legal matter you might have. If an service is not within our legal ambit we will endeavor to refer you to appropriate professionals. Click here for a list of our services.

Your Options

  • What matrimonial rehime is best for us?

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    Which matrimonial regime should we choose
  • How do the different regimes compare to one another?

    Click here to check out our comparison matrix.

    How do the different regimes compare to one another?

About Louwrens Koen Attorneys

  • How do I get to your offices?

    We are located within the Northern Pavilion of Loftus Versveld Stadium. Us the same entrance as the Loftuspark shopping centre. Either park on top or use the basement parking facilities. Free safe parking for 2 hours. Enter gate 12 (Northern Pavilion). Click here for a link to google maps.

    How do I get to your offices?
  • Why shoould we use Louwrens Koen Attorneys to register our Antenuptial contract?

    Louwrens Koen Attorneys have assisted thousands of couples over the years to register an Antentenuptial Contract. Being a long established provider of this specialised service in South-Africa shows our commitment to our clients. We believe this commitment has resulted in our longevity and success


  • How do I get a copy of my invoice?

    We will send your invoice with your pro forma antenuptial contract.

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